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Balloon Flights

altIn this itinerary one has the possibility to know Fazenda Sertão and its coffee plantations. Aboard a hot-air balloon, the oldest and safest air vehicle in history, it takes off from a coffee-drying patio that is approximately 1,200 feet above sea level.

The view is privileged, and the tourist besides appreciating the numerous coffee plantations and farms of the surroundings will also contemplate the beautiful landscapes of the mountains of Mantiqueira de Minas.

The tour takes place at dawn, just after the breakfast that is held at the centennial headquarters of the Farm, where, amidst the flavors of the country, a guide tells a little about the history of the Café in the region.

The flight lasts approximately 60 minutes and the total ride takes 4 hours. The transfer is carried out by the Coffee Route and has as a starting point the Unique Cafés in São Lourenço.

Coffee Route


There are several tours options for lovers of special coffee.

Train Ride


The Trem das Águas is a train operated by ABPF's South Regional of Minas in the city of São Lourenço - MG. The train leaves from the central station of São Lourenço, KM 80 of the Minas & Rio railway, and then goes to Soledade de Minas, located at KM 90 of the railroad, totaling 20 km of round trip.